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It's All for Science... Experiences Out of This World

Hi there! This is Candice again with another new site to tempt your darker imaginations. Really I never know what these artists will come up with next! But whatever it is, you can bank on one thing - it's going to be extremely naughty and extremely, tummy-tinglingly erotic. Just like this one in fact. I mean... Not from this world is a bit of a giveaway to start with. But I must say his ideas about science come as something of a shock.

I always thought scientists were gray haired old eccentrics or geeky types who spent all day in a lab making new cocktails in test tubes and burning their bunsens over questions no one else cared about, like 'how long is a piece of string'. But not here! Not by a long way! Here is seems all of the scientific experiments involve fastening naked women up in futuristic bondage machines and doing some extremely yummy... errr I mean extremely naughty and depraved... things to them. Not the sort of thing a nice girl like me would want anyone to do to them! Well not unless it was by someone extremely cute and persuasive. Something like yourself, I mean. But first you really should go and get some inspiring ideas from this compelling art site!


It's All Coming Together!

You want to see this artist's work. We have something even better for you! A bunch of artists have got together to form Three Moons Art. So now you can see this artist plus dozens of others, all in one place and for one small single payment!

That's right! You get this artist's Members Gallery plus thousands more pieces of erotic art for a single subscription price of $24.95!

Password generation requires a thoughtful word or combination that includes upper and lower case letters and numbers. Not all symbols "! @ # $ % ^ & *" work in every password encryption. Please refrain from using these or any other symbols. And don't forget, birthdays and addresses are easily guessed, avoid those too.


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